For Yolanda Coleman, owner of plus-sized boutique Plush Clothing at 409 Main St. in Downtown Racine, owning a business means everything.

Not just because it meant she had her name on something, but because having a storefront meant she could share her message with whoever walked through her doors: that women could, and should, feel beautiful in what they wear.
“Plush stands for being pretty, lovely, unique, sexy and, most importantly, happy,” Coleman said.

On Wednesday, she specifically shared her message with Missy Hughes, secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and other local officials who came together downtown to announce a new state grant program, which could allow other aspiring business owners to spread positivity.

(Adapted from “Downtown Racine has 16 vacant commercial properties; locals hope new state grant will help fill them up,” August 5, 2021, Racine Journal Times)