WEDC officials present award in North Fond du Lac as part of Manufacturing Month

MADISON, WI. OCT. 29, 2019 – As part of Manufacturing Month, officials from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) today welcomed FZE Manufacturing Solutions as the latest company to join WEDC’s Made In Wisconsin® program.

“The Made In Wisconsin program is a wonderful way for the many companies that call Wisconsin home to share their pride in our state’s great manufacturing tradition,” said WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes. “We’re especially pleased to recognize FZE Manufacturing Solutions for its contributions to the community and the manufacturing industry as a whole during Manufacturing Month.”

WEDC introduced the In Wisconsin brand in 2012 to provide a platform for marketing business opportunities and successes in the state. Nearly 250 companies operating in Wisconsin have adopted the tool to help market the origin and quality of their products at no cost.
The Made In Wisconsin logo can be adapted to reflect applicants’ production processes such as Manufactured In Wisconsin, Built In Wisconsin, Grown In Wisconsin, Engineered In Wisconsin, Brewed In Wisconsin and more. Hundreds of Wisconsin companies are already participating in the Made In Wisconsin program, with FZE Manufacturing Solutions being the most recent to join.

FZE Manufacturing Solutions ( is a full-service machining and value-added manufacturing provider, offering cost-effective manufacturing solutions to turn design concepts into real-world products for customers throughout the state of Wisconsin, the country and across the world. They machine, fabricate, manufacture and assemble parts, components and end products across a diverse range of markets including recreational marine markets, professional turf and lawn care, hydraulics, agriculture, precision metrology, office furniture, firefighting, safety equipment, beverage components and firearm components.

“Manufacturing in Wisconsin is very important to the state’s economy and FZE Manufacturing Solutions is proud to be a part of this industry,” said CEO Doug Pribyl. “We enjoy the North Fond du Lac community and appreciate the relationships we’ve established with our employees, community, customers and suppliers. Wisconsin is a great state for manufacturing and FZE would not exist without all the local support we receive. We are very pleased to receive our Made In Wisconsin WEDC certification and registration and to include the logo in our marketing and promotional materials.”

Beyond providing fabrication services, FZE aids their partners in optimizing their supply chain and implementing just-in-time manufacturing practices. As a result, customers see reduced inventory levels and storage costs as well as shorter lead times.
“In the Greater Fond du Lac area, one in four workers are employed in the manufacturing industry,” said Jim Cleveland, Director of Outreach and Client Services for Envision Greater Fond du Lac. “The Made In Wisconsin designation is a true testament to FZE’s commitment to our local economy and workforce. We are grateful to have FZE in the Greater Fond du Lac area and wish them continued success in the years to come.”

“FZE Manufacturing has been a staple of our local economy and workforce for many years. Doug and his team receiving this designation is a true testament to their commitment to our area and the state of Wisconsin,” said Nick Leonard, Village Administrator for the Village of North Fond du Lac. “We are grateful to have such great corporate partners in our village.”

“FZE Manufacturing Solutions has been a huge asset to our community for over 40 years,” added state Senator Dan Feyen. “I am excited to see them reaffirm their state pride by joining the Made in Wisconsin program.”

“Manufacturing is the backbone of our strong Wisconsin economy,” said state Rep. Michael Schraa. “Spectacular companies like FZE Manufacturing Solutions bolster our state’s entrepreneurial spirit by taking conceptual ideas and bringing them to life. I am proud to support WEDC’s Fab Lab Grant Program, as well as the UW-System schools and technical schools, which train the brilliant men and women who bring their talents to our manufacturing and engineering sectors. I couldn’t be more proud to see FZE Manufacturing Solutions represent the 53rd Assembly District as this year’s newest Made in Wisconsin member.”

FZE Manufacturing is just one company contributing to the leading manufacturing industry in Wisconsin. More than 18% of the state’s GDP stems from manufacturing, equating about $63 billion in total. Additionally, Wisconsin has more than 9,400 manufacturers employing more than 475,000 workers, or 16% of the state’s total labor force, nearly twice the national average.

Wisconsin manufacturers also pay significantly higher than average wages, account for a larger share of exports, locate in less populous communities and often employ workers with more modest educations. Employees in manufacturing earn $58,000 annually, 19% above the national average wage.