Many factors contribute to business location decisions—and they vary from company to company. Meanwhile, quality-of-life considerations play a larger role than job prospects when members of today’s increasingly mobile workforce decide where to reside. Increasingly, the expectation is that a community offer the best of all worlds to the businesses and workers it seeks to attract and retain. Enter

One of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC’s) primary charges is to promote business, professional and personal fulfillment opportunities in the state. Our consistently high rankings in everything from business friendliness to health care quality and educational excellence make a strong case to anyone looking for the best location to build his or her dreams. WEDC has compiled these rankings on a single webpage to demonstrate both the depth and the breadth of the state’s assets, with the understanding that no one factor is likely to drive interest and action alone. Together, however, Wisconsin’s many natural, social and economic attributes underscore the rich lives the state’s residents enjoy.

The rankings appearing on are supported by video testimonials from entrepreneurs and other community representatives throughout the state who share their perspectives on pursuing their passions in Wisconsin. will be updated regularly with new data that shine a positive light on the state’s business and cultural offerings. WEDC will continue to draw attention to Wisconsin’s commendations through social media and other communications channels, and encourages its partners also to “share the love.”