Finding the necessary resources and contacts to help startups flourish can be overwhelming, but the Milwaukee area has created a number of organizations dedicated to helping small businesses reach commercialization, attract talent and find success. Here’s an overview of some of the startup resources available throughout Milwaukee:
Close-up of office desk with business team behind

  • Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation was created in 1971 to invest in projects around Milwaukee, focusing on entrepreneurs. Additionally, the organization helps companies secure low-interest loans by partnering with local banks.
  • Startup MKE provides area entrepreneurs with mentorship and funding opportunities, access to top talent and office space, as well as creating a community for fellow innovators. With a mission to make southeast Wisconsin among the best places to start a business, the group also plans monthly happy hours to facilitate networking.
  • NEWaukee set out in 2009 to revolutionize “stuffy” networking events by coordinating social outings and adventures for millennials to meet their peers and find common ground in Milwaukee. The group focuses on talent acquisition and retention in the area, and hosts programs that make networking fun.
  • BizStarts Milwaukee was formed to help accelerate innovative ideas in the area. The group helps companies along its “launch process” to improve strategy and connect them with mentors and business services.

Each organization aims to improve Milwaukee’s startup scene and create a friendlier climate for aspiring entrepreneurs.