Impact Seven Inc. is a private nonprofit organization providing services and products in small business lending and affordable housing development throughout Wisconsin. With staff located in Milwaukee, Madison and Rice Lake, Impact Seven works with borrowers to realize their business startup and expansion goals. Since its founding in 1970, Impact Seven has provided tens of millions of dollars in small business loans, created thousands of units of housing and created more than 23,000 jobs. Caroline Loyas, director of resource development, shares how Impact Seven provides resources needed to run a successful business.


Q: What programs does Impact Seven offer?

A: In order to catalyze investment, grow small businesses and create jobs, Impact Seven provides loan capital, technical assistance and development services to small businesses that would otherwise not be able to obtain financing. By offering affordable rates and flexible terms in combination with right-touch technical assistance, Impact Seven provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to focus on running successful businesses. Impact Seven also provides financial products and development services for large, complex economic development projects such as mixed-use commercial real estate and housing.


Q: What kind of companies can apply for these programs?

A: Impact Seven provides lending and business development services to all types of companies from small microenterprises, to growing small businesses, to large corporations. Our loan products, rates and terms are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each borrower and project. Impact Seven is experienced at bringing all resources to the table in support of qualified projects, enhanced by a wide network of external partners.


Q: How does Impact Seven benefit the overall business climate of the state?

A: Impact Seven closes up to $16 million in loans to small businesses in Wisconsin each year. Since 2012, our investments have generated over $500 million in economic activity in the state and created or retained more than 3,000 jobs. By providing affordable financing and technical know-how, Impact Seven helps businesses create value for Wisconsin.


Q: Why is Wisconsin an ideal location to start a business?

A: Wisconsin’s excellent quality of life, dynamic communities, and productive and hard-working labor force make our state an ideal location to start a business. In addition, businesses benefit from infrastructure that supports trade and industry, including financial capital, knowledge resources, natural resources and transportation infrastructure.


Q: What is the best way for companies to learn more or apply for Impact Seven?

A: Please visit Impact Seven’s website or call 800.685.9353 to request a loan application or speak to a loan officer.