RedFox is a process-aware Conversational AI platform that facilitates home health tests and medical device use, troubleshooting, and point-of-care data collection.

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Otologic Technologies, Inc

Otologic Technologies is providing doctors artificial intelligence tools to diagnose ear infections through telehealth. Ear infections are one of the top reasons

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Child Health Imprints (CHIL) USA, Inc.

Child Health Imprints (CHIL) USA, is a Wisconsin based corporation focused on markets in North America. The company is engaged in the

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Pivotal Health, Inc.

Pivotal Health is transforming urgent care and primary care for consumers and providers with its scalable platform for clinician house calls. Consumers

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Nurse Disrupted, Inc.

Nurse Disrupted is a nurse-founded and clinician-led health technology company. Our Care Station telehealth solution breaks down the barriers of cost, complexity,

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Voximetry, Inc.

Voximetry is a is an early-stage Healthtech software development company specialized in commercialization of complex algorithms on high-speed Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

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GroupWare Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Groupware Technologies, Inc. is an independent software vendor specializing in the design, distribution and support of its proprietary care management software, Provide®

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Aryv, Inc.

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