Information Technology

Aikonik, LLC

Throughout human history, gift giving and receiving has been core to our values, and relationships - to celebrate, memorialize, renew connections, and

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Parsley Solutions PBC

Parsley is an Employee Benefit Optimization Platform that analyzes how the intersection of employer and public benefits impacts employee net income. Wage

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Okkanti Inc

Okkanti makes widespread use of doulas and other care innovations that improve outcomes possible. The CareFinder technology solves the gap between the

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Aeroplicity Inc.

Aeroplicity is a data management platform on a mission to bring simplicity to the aerospace and defense industry. Our system allows you

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Moatkeeper LLC

Moatkeeper helps property owners protect their homes and buildings with a data-driven approach that organizes preventative maintenance that, in turn, pays for

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1Director, Inc.

For funeral home owners who want to improve business efficiency by digitally engaging with families and eliminating duplicate data entry, 1Director offers

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Joystik Life, Inc

The most efficient digital health (mobile application) solution for stress management. Joystik Life brings a different take to the meditation space providing

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Super User Index, LLC

The Super User Index was developed as a resource for Small Business Owners to find the right fit to support them with

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