Unext LLC

Tyrone Powell founded Unext in 2019 after realizing that many students weren't comfortable with their major of interest. After being uncertain about

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2ft Design Data, Inc.

2Ft.D is an online, SaaS-based tool and marketplace that takes the mystery out of the process of real estate development for the

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ReinventAuctions, Inc.

ReinventAuctions provides a frictionless digital exchange platform enabling dealer-to-dealer wholesale vehicle transactions in the RV, powersport, marine and automotive space. Reinvent’s wholesale

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Digidex Technologies LLC

Digidex Technologies LLC was founded to develop and sell a contact management solution called Digidex. It was founded by Keith and Gray

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HeyGov is a fintech startup focused on local government. We're building the world's most advanced payment platform for local government. Our vision

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Fenster Analytics LLC

Fenster Analytics is a Wisconsin-based B2B SaaS company with engineering operations in Estonia. We provide ad hoc analysis and data visualization software

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VocaTone Studio, LLC

We research and develop new and innovative solutions related to the recognition, transcription, and recreation of the human voice. Our singing synthesis

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