The Water Council and A. O. Smith recently announced Cincinnati-based SofTap Water as the winner of their 2016 BREW Corporate challenge.

The BREW Corporate program partners The Water Council with water industry leaders to support entrepreneurial efforts that help solve the partner company’s needs. A.O. Smith’s 2016 program sought entries that developed technologies in any of three areas: water purification, water heating or sensors. SofTap’s proprietary filtration technology satisfied the challenge’s water purification requirement.

“Unlike other water treatment and softening products on the market, SofTap’s unique filter combines the best of both worlds, reducing waste while cleaning and softening water,” said Dr. Robert Heideman, chief technology officer at A.O. Smith.

As winners of the BREW Corporate challenge, SofTap will receive $50,000 from A. O. Smith, tuition for The Water Council’s flagship BREW Accelerator program, office space for a year in the Global Water Center, and access to cutting-edge labs and business mentoring opportunities from both The Water Council and A. O. Smith.

More information on the BREW Corporate program can be found on The Water Council’s website.