Global trade venture in November will include visits to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad

MADISON, WI. July 25, 2016 – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is inviting companies to take part in a global trade venture to India in November.

As India’s population and economy grow, its government is planning massive infrastructure projects that will require industrial machinery, construction equipment and supplies, and engineering and other services. With a growing population, India has a high demand for agricultural equipment and techniques, as well as processed foods. General economic growth is also translating into growth of manufacturing in India across all subsectors.

This trade venture’s goal is to connect Wisconsin companies with potential buyers, distributors and other partners in these markets. This trade venture is suitable for companies that are not yet exporting to India. In addition, companies that are already exporting into this market can take part in the trip to enhance their business ties in India and expand their market presence.

“India offers investment potential in sectors such as life science, manufacturing, energy and infrastructure,” said WEDC Vice President of International Business Development Katy Sinnott. “Wisconsin’s leadership in these areas and our well-known manufacturing and research capabilities create exciting business opportunities for globally minded companies in our state.”

The global trade venture will take place Nov. 12-22, and will include segments in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. In each city, participating companies take part in customized business meetings with potential local partners hand-picked for their companies by Wisconsin’s in-country authorized trade representative based on the Wisconsin companies’ strengths, needs and preferences.

The Wisconsin delegation will be led by WEDC Secretary and CEO Mark Hogan, and will include Sinnott and other representatives of the organization’s international business development team.

New Delhi, India’s capital and seat of government, is part of the larger Delhi metro area, home to 25 million people (making it the world’s second most populous city, after Tokyo). Mumbai, part of a metro area of 21 million, is India’s commerce and finance hub. Hyderabad, with a metro area population of 12 million, is one of India’s fastest-growing cities, with an economy focused on information technology.

Each participant in the global trade venture will also receive market intelligence specific to his or her company, detailing considerations to keep in mind when introducing the company’s product or service into these markets. With all their appointments arranged for them, participants will be free to focus on business rather than logistics and scheduling.

This program is offered at a subsidized rate of $3,300 per person for Wisconsin exporters of goods and services; non-exporters wishing to attend must pay the full cost of $7,500 per person. The program fee covers market research and one-on-one appointments; pre-trip and in-country staff support; hotel accommodations; group transportation between airport and hotel in each city; country briefings and networking events; and some group meals. Participating companies are responsible for the cost of their own international round-trip airfare and most meals.