I don’t know if you saw the article on VentureBeat.com, but I was certainly pleased to see the Midwest get some well-deserved love for the many opportunities we’ve worked hard to create for entrepreneurs and innovators in this part of the country. There’s even a mention of the many initiatives we’ve been working on right here in Wisconsin. We are making tremendous strides for entrepreneurs and innovators in our state and we plan to keep that momentum.


Here’s a quick glance at the story:

Traditionally, top talent flocks to the coasts for the in-demand and most coveted technology jobs. The Midwest is rarely seen as a technology hub, if at all. In recent years that has been attributed to the “brain drain” phenomenon—the idea that talent created and nurtured in Midwest cities leaves for larger cities that are more well-known for their business and tech culture.

However, new research is beginning to paint a different story of rising job growth and business prosperity in the Midwest.

Other cities like Milwaukee and Madison, Wis., have begun to transform from manufacturing meccas to growing pockets of tech innovation, and are supporting a new wave of entrepreneurship in the process. In fact, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently passed a budget that will fund several initiatives aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes $6 million for seed accelerator and capital catalyst programs through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Local groups like Innovation in Milwaukee, Startup Milwaukee, Gener8tor, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are also playing an integral role in helping Milwaukee tech companies establish their footprint.

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