The University of Wisconsin Law School’s Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic is offering free legal advice to Wisconsin entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them realize their potential. At the clinic, experienced law school students collaborate with Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and more than a dozen of the state’s leading law firms.


The clinic is led by UW-Madison third-year law school students who have experience in business matters and advisory committee members who are knowledgeable in common legal issues among new businesses. The clinic enables Wisconsin entrepreneurs and business owners to meet with the team and acquire assistance. With the clinic’s help, startups are better equipped to bring their ideas to fruition and get their products to the market.

Beyond offering a variety of legal services, the clinic partners with accounting and business planning professionals that can provide assistance in other business areas. Additional services available to clients include business planning, state and local licensing, trademark and copyright registration and employment agreements.

To learn more about the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic or to seek legal assistance, please visit