Recent statistics and rankings from top agencies, research firms and media outlets are proving there’s a lot more to Wisconsin than meets the eye.

For example, Verigent recently ranked Milwaukee first on the list of Top 11 Cities You Wouldn’t Expect for Tech. The ranking comes, in no small part, because of the city’s status as a global hub of water technology, spearheaded by The Water Council and industry giants like MillerCoors and Badger Meter. In fact, The Water Council, its members and university partners have helped dozens of new water tech startups get up and running.

Wisconsin also outperformed big states like California, New York and Texas on scaling up mid-market companies, according to a recent Dun & Bradstreet study. Ensuring that existing businesses, along with startups, are getting the resources and aid they need is essential to a healthy and growing economy. Wisconsin has the programs, like Scale Up Milwaukee, that are critical to a young company’s success. In fact, the most recent Nerdwallet ranking positions Madison as the second best city for recent graduates.

In addition to business climate accolades, Wisconsin has also garnered a number of honors for the lifestyle it embodies. For example, the state ranks third in the nation for health care efficiency, meaning the quality of health care as it compares to the cost to employers. Forbes ranked Madison third nationwide as one of the best cities for working women. In addition, Madison was ranked as the Best City in America by Livability.

All of these rankings and more can be found on the recently launched Business Climate Rankings page on The page includes short videos from entrepreneurs and business owners sharing why they decided to call Wisconsin home—for both personal and professional reasons. The videos will rotate to accompany various rankings and will feature representatives from companies throughout Wisconsin including: