When you say you’re from Wisconsin, it means something. We stay true to who we are, know what matters and do whatever it takes to get what we need to done. That’s how we’ve created such a diverse and interesting place to fulfill our souls and grow, and how we’re doing well across all aspects of life, career and business.

Discover all the areas in which Wisconsin excels below.


Free/Reduced Education for Veteran's Family

Provides full tuition and segregated fees for eligible veterans dependents.

Free/Reduced Education for Veterans

Provides full tuition and segregated fees for eligible veterans.

Property Tax Credit/Exemption

Income taxes for military service members who are serving on active duty or are a surviving spouse of a veteran.

State Veterans Cemeteries

Three State Veterans Cemeteries in Union Grove, King, and Spooner commemorating those who served in the armed forces and their role in preserving our nation's freedom.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living location in Union Grove (Southeaster WI) that provides modern and affordable care with skilled nurses and variety of opportunities.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Providing 24-hour skilled nurses to care for nearly 1,000 Veterans and their spouses in three homes in Chippewa Falls, Kin and Union Grove.

State Veterans Museum

Located in Madison, WI connecting past and present and sharing stories of WI veterans.

Transportation for Veterans

Providing transportation support for veterans and their families.

Veterans Court

Programs for veterans are being developed in court systems to provide effective solutions for veterans in the criminal justice system.

Veteran Status on Driver's License or I.D.

Drivers license will identify veteran status.

Veteran License Plates

Military license plates for WI motorists who are active or retired.

State Paid War Bonus

Bonus payment provided to POWs.

State Tax Exempt for Military Retirement Pay

Individual income tax resources for veterans who are retired.

Veterans Preference for State Employment

Eligible veterans receive extra points on exams for Wisconsin civil service jobs.

State Homeless Program

Providing services such as housing, training and education for veterans experiencing homelessness.

SAA under SDVA

Additional education training is evaluated for eligible veterans or dependents of veterans that could be additional training, certificates, or apprenticeships.

Professional/Occupational License Fee Waiver

Eligible veterans are granted fee waivers when issuing initial licenses.

Free/Reduced State Park Passes

Disabled veterans and former POW are able to receive access to certain WI State Parks, Forests and Trails.

Free/Reduced Fishing License

Showing appreciation to veterans by extending certain hunting and fishing privileges.

Free/Reduced Hunting License

Showing appreciation to veterans by extending certain hunting and fishing privileges.

Personal Loans

Offering personal loans to veterans with bad or no credit.

Employment Grant for Businesses

State of Wisconsin supports businesses that hire veterans to connect them with good, family-supporting jobs.

Non-Profit Grants

Grants provided to military and veteran organizations that do not need to be paid back.

Personal Financial Grants Assistance

Provides limited financial assistance for health care and subsistence needs.