We recently spoke with Gaby Frazer, chief operating officer of ImageMover, a medical imaging software company that connects photos, video and outside medical images with enterprise imaging and electronic health record systems (EHR). The company’s solutions employ a proprietary technology to securely capture and integrate medical images with the electronic health record, simplifying communication and enhancing patient care. This gives the health team access to images across the continuum, leading to improved care, quality and cost.


Q: How was the idea for ImageMover developed and how was the company started?

A: ImageMover was co-founded by Dr. Richard Bruce and Dr. Gary Wendt. The idea to start the company came about when our co-founders were faced with the problem of safely and securely uploading medical images into the patient’s health record. The issue became even more pressing when an independent survey revealed that approximately 50 percent of providers had taken patient photos on their personal mobile devices, which violates HIPAA and breaches patient confidentiality. ImageMover Mobile was developed to address this need. We now offer an entire platform of encounter-based imaging applications.

Q: Who are your key customers and where do you see growth opportunities?

A: Our typical clients are multi-specialty health systems that see high volumes of patients requiring point-of-care imaging. High-volume users include obstetrics, emergency, surgery, dermatology, wound care and primary care departments. Growth opportunities lie in health systems that are interested in solving intra-system workflow challenges and enhancing interoperability with providers outside of their system.

Q: In your opinion, why is ImageMover’s business model successful in the marketplace?

A: Our key differentiator is deep integration within the EHR. Clinicians use the EHR to document the details of a patient’s visit. Our applications are launched directly from the EHR, no additional login is needed, and images can be securely uploaded in just a few clicks. We are vendor-neutral, which provides our clients with a lot of flexibility.

Q: What are some resources that have contributed to ImageMover’s success?

A: We’ve worked with BrightStar Wisconsin, WEDC, Madison Development Corporation and HealthX Ventures. These groups have provided not only funding but also great guidance and support to help grow the business.

Q: What stage is the company at today, and what have been some milestones along the way?

A: We are currently an early stage company. Some of our biggest milestones include integrating our applications into Epic and partnering with IBM, Change Healthcare and several other imaging vendors who resell our products.

Q: How does ImageMover benefit from being located in Wisconsin?

A: Being located in Wisconsin, and Madison specifically, provides abundant access to dedicated and hardworking team members. Our proximity to a world-class academic teaching university, as well as Epic, positions us amid a wealth of talent and intelligence.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge for you and your team? What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges?

A: Identifying IT resources on the client side to complete the implementation can be a challenge. We’ve found that having a clearly defined value proposition and robust project planning materials has helped clients prioritize the implementation and plan accordingly. Regardless of the challenges, it’s important to keep innovating and problem solving in order to provide the best user experience for your customers.