Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed a proclamation officially recognizing Tuesday, June 12, 2019, as Women Veterans Day. The state is home to approximately 30,000 women veterans from all branches of the military.

The proclamation declares that the women veterans across the state and the nation “deserve to be recognized for their bravery and service,” and “must be treated equitably, fairly, and with the utmost respect.”

The Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which enabled women to serve as permanent, regular members in all military branches, was signed into law by President Harry S. Truman on June 12, 1948.

Acknowledging that women have played an important role in protecting America’s freedom since its founding and that the number of women veterans continues to increase, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to advocating for and addressing their needs.

Department programs include the Wisconsin Woman Veteran of the Year award and the annual Women Veterans Retreat. Registration is now open for this year’s retreat, which will be held Friday, June 28 at the Trinity Equestrian Center in Eau Claire.