The first Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) will take place Friday, Aug. 26, 2014, at Memorial Union in Madison. Led by a steering committee of business, community and entrepreneurial leaders, WIA highlights and honors the development of groundbreaking and innovative ideas in Wisconsin.


Award nominations are due Tuesday, July 15. Eligible candidates must have an innovative product, service or company that has been introduced in recent years and is located in Wisconsin. Qualified nominees will demonstrate how their innovative idea has added new value to an end user; solved a need, problem or opportunity; or improved upon an existing idea through measurable evidence of success.

WIA aims to encourage an environment of innovation by bringing innovators together from various business sectors – technology, food, health care, agriculture, nonprofits, education, and government –throughout the state.

The inaugural WIA ceremony will take place as part of the Forward Technology Festival. The award ceremony is sponsored by American Family Insurance and Baker Tilly. For more information about WIA, or to place a nomination, please visit: