Menomonee Falls-based Commercial flooring contractor Lippert Flooring has supported transitioning veterans through charity events and veterans organizations for decades. The company also is committed to making veterans a vital portion of its workforce.

Les Lippert

We recently spoke with Les Lippert, president of Lippert Flooring and Tile, about why the Wisconsin company is so intent in hiring individuals with military backgrounds and how it supports transitioning veterans.

Q: Why is Lippert Flooring and Tile so active in hiring individuals with military ties?

A: We deeply appreciate the values and principles that compel our young men and women to volunteer to serve. In doing so, they deserve our best efforts to welcome them home, prepare them for their post-military lives and give them access to the very things they left home to defend and protect. They know what a hard day really is, and what it requires of them and their coworkers to succeed. They are good people and they make excellent team members.

Q: What does Lippert Flooring and Tile do to actively recruit individuals with this background?

A: Networking and word of mouth are very successful recruitment tools for us. Our recruitment and training manager leverages contacts from his time serving in the U.S. Army and as a recruiter in Wisconsin to great effect. There are fundraising events like Homes For Our Troops, and we support Soldiers’ Angels, Adopt-A-Platoon and veteran-owned businesses, all of which help grow our network. We also work with the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Office and the Waukesha County Veterans Services Office. All that being said, our company and our industry need help in not only connecting with returning veterans, but also in coordinating the various organizations representing and serving our veteran communities. There is much more we can do collectively to communicate the employment opportunities in Wisconsin and in our company.

Q: How can veterans translate their military background to what they do at Lippert Flooring and Tile?

A: When you think about it, military personnel are trained to achieve a high level of skill that ensures maximum success. Those are traits that I believe are applicable anywhere. We take pride in our skill and knowledge, as well as our commitment to bringing value and best practices to each of our projects. Interpersonal skills, accountability, integrity, reliability and teamwork are characteristics that make any organization thrive and succeed. Our veterans have these traits, and many have significant leadership experience as well.

Q: What can veterans expect when they work at Lippert Flooring and Tile?

A: We pride ourselves in the work that we do and the experience our customers have when working with us. We emphasize training and education to stay ahead of the pace of change in our industry. Our employees expect a high-standard, high-achievement environment that challenges them to provide their best effort to obtain the best results. We are collegial, cooperative and supportive, realizing that it takes a team of specialists to meet our expectations for the work we perform for our clients. Veterans who come to work for us can expect the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge, to be challenged to grow and to become an integral part of service delivery to our clients.

Q: What benefit do you think veterans receive from working with fellow veterans at Lippert Flooring and Tile?

A: Many veterans comment on how much they miss the camaraderie they experienced while in the military. We strive to make the same level of team commitment and cohesiveness part of our culture. Our industry is strong, the demand for labor is high, and the opportunity to grow with our growing business is great. Our goal is to find high-quality people and to teach them to be successful at our business. We were provided the opportunity, and now we are seeking to provide it for others.

Q: Why do you think Wisconsin is a great place for veterans to live and why is Lippert Flooring and Tile a great place for them to work?

A: Wisconsin is a wonderful place to raise a family and conduct business. Wisconsin has many, many positive characteristics—Midwest values and work ethic, four-season living, big-city amenities and easy access to numerous and varied outdoor activities, a strong economy. I can go on. A low unemployment and a reasonable cost of living. Many, if not all these reasons play a part in why Lippert Flooring and Tile is celebrating 70 years of growth and diversification of services this year. We continue to pursue growth and diversification, but we can only grow our business and add services to the extent that we can find high-quality people to sell, manage, install and service the work. Opportunity, in Wisconsin and in our company, is waiting for the right people.