Biosciences/Medical Devices

Sanacor, Inc.

Sanacor’s first mission is to reverse diabetic cardiovascular disease. The company’s scientific foundation is built on nearly two decades of research funded

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Soul Mobility, Inc

Our mission is to empower the physically challenged to live their best life by providing mobility solutions that are truly user inspired.

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Protegera, Inc.

We are improving oral health and dental personal care products by taking a revolutionary approach to physical chemistry and formulation enhancement utilizing

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Cold Water Technologies, Inc

Cold Water Technologies Inc is in the early stages of marketing a nutraceutical for the pet care industry; an animal-derived product that

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Isomark Health, Inc.

Isomark’s patented non-invasive breath technology may allow for the early detection of infection.

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Polymer Forge, Inc.

Polymer Forge is combining the power of advanced microelectronics with the promise of synthetic biology to change the way molecules are discovered.

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Essential Research, LLC

Essential Research, with its first product -- Chocolate Rescue for Dogs, looks to make emergency vet visits for accidental chocolate ingestion a

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