BoneZZZ Corporation

BoneZZZ was created as a lifestyle brand for those that love the outdoors and expect comfort and performance out of their footwear,

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Igiene Labs, Inc

Igiene Labs LLC was founded in 2019 by Mark Brenner and Terry Bush, two UW graduates, to commercialize a highly effective and

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Void Technologies (USA) Limited

VOID is a materials science company spun out of Kimberly-Clark in 2015 to commercialise the VO+ technology. VO+ is an extensively patented

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Clandestine Materials Detection, Inc.

The University of Wisconsin has developed and patented a technology that can detect the explosives in land mines and IEDs using neutron

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Goodland Extracts LLC

Goodland Extracts is a premier hemp processing facility for the extraction, refinement, and purification of high purity cannabinoid oils, distillates, and isolates.

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