Wellacy Health Inc.

Wellacy Health is a healthcare software company that is developing a health action platform focused on improving the treatment of chronic diseases.

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MedicaLock Corporation

Medicalock develops various innovative technologies which set the industry standard of safety in the operating room for nursing staff and surgeons, while

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Flenard Enterprises, LLC

Podcast Town is a full-service, vertically integrated, tech-enabled podcast company dedicated to helping our partners launch and monetize their show. We provide

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Ingantec Corporation

Ingantec solves the material and engineering challenges in commercialisation of microLED. Our technology is based on compound semiconductor materials, processing know-how, and

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LL Systems LLC

Life Line Systems is a no commissions, monthly membership-based delivery marketplace and rideshare app platform. Our app features no commissions, online delivery

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Cold Water Technologies, Inc

Cold Water Technologies Inc is in the early stages of marketing a nutraceutical for the pet care industry; an animal-derived product that

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BoneZZZ Corporation

BoneZZZ was created as a lifestyle brand for those that love the outdoors and expect comfort and performance out of their footwear,

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