Appion Solutions, Inc.

Appion Solutions provides cloud-based, mobile-friendly software to help manage the lifecycle of apprentice programs nationwide. From the application process through managing the

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RadUnity Corp.

RadUnity is about improving medical images used by doctors. Sometimes, when doctors take pictures inside our bodies, the pictures are a bit

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TRT Speech Labs LLC

TRT Speech Labs is a healthtech company developing web-based platforms to improve detection and treatment of deficits in human speech. Our groundbreaking

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Ascent Engine Technologies, LLC

We are a US-based Engine Technology Development company dedicated to the production of a light-weight, efficient, diesel engine family that can serve

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Wellacy Health Inc.

Wellacy Health is a healthcare software company that is developing a health action platform focused on improving the treatment of chronic diseases.

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MedicaLock Corporation

Medicalock develops various innovative technologies which set the industry standard of safety in the operating room for nursing staff and surgeons, while

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Ingantec Corporation

Ingantec solves the material and engineering challenges in commercialisation of microLED. Our technology is based on compound semiconductor materials, processing know-how, and

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