Mobile22 Inc.

Mobile22 connects riders and taxi providers together in an integrated platform that unlocks mobility for communities everywhere. For riders, Mobile22 offers mobile

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Renaissant, Inc.

IntelAegis was founded with a simple goal, to make our communities smarter, safer and friendlier. Today’s technology presents a unique opportunity to

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Vytal Health LLC

WellnessScript is creating the largest non-traditional virtual medical group, applying smart technology to modernize holistic medicine. As a telemedicine solution, we provide

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Present Power Systems, LLC

PPS has developed multiple products including a combined Solar and Energy Storage System (SESS) and a compact DC-DC power converter

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Part Analytics, Inc.

Part Analytics's AI based direct material spend management platform aggregates data from multiple disconnected sources and delivers actionable insights on cost reduction

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Simply Solutions, Inc.

Simply Solutions LLC is a research, development and manufacturing company located in Janesville, WI that combines simple, organic and all-natural ingredients in

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SAFIO Solutions, LLC

SAFIO Solutions, LLC utilizes proprietary forecasting software created by a planner, merchant and manager. This software gathers key data points needed to

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OnLume Inc.

OnLume is a medical device company developing an intuitive platform for precise fluorescence image-guided surgery. We are committed to providing surgeons with

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AIQ Global, Inc.

AIQ Solutions, Inc. is a medical software company that is developing a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) platform focused on improving the treatment

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