Pivotal Health, Inc.

Pivotal Health is transforming urgent care and primary care for consumers and providers with its scalable platform for clinician house calls. Consumers

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Void Technologies (USA) Limited

VOID is a materials science company spun out of Kimberly-Clark in 2015 to commercialise the VO+ technology. VO+ is an extensively patented

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RoddyMedical Holdings Inc.

RoddyMedical designs, develops and commercializes innovative, proprietary medical devices, focusing on improving clinical and patient safety. These devices are inspired by the

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GroupWare Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Groupware Technologies, Inc. is an independent software vendor specializing in the design, distribution and support of its proprietary care management software, Provide®

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FindSpotz, Inc.

A community space management solution that enables municipalities, schools, sports facilities, universities, and other community organizations to efficiently manage their spaces. Spotz

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