The University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Center for Technology Commercialization is currently offering matching grants of up to $75,000 for companies that are in the process of completing federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding.

The funding program, called SBIR Advance, offers supplemental funding to fill in the gaps left behind by federal funding. Now in its sixth round, SBIR Advance is once again looking for eligible companies to apply. Applicants must have an SBIR/STTR project in either Phase I or Phase II funding; completed projects are ineligible. Companies in Phase I funding must also complete a Lean Startup Class as part of their participation.

Funds from SBIR Advance can be used for business and market development, intellectual property work or other areas deemed necessary for commercialization. Applicants are require to fill out a brief “intent to apply” online form by April 28, with the full application due May 5. Find more information or apply.