Company founder Al Schneider was a National Guardsman who understood the exceptional level of commitment and skill military members bring to their work. After selling his family car to buy his first truck and establish the company in 1935, he found himself needing quality associates. He began to recruit fellow National Guard members, and ever since the company has sought to hire individuals with military backgrounds.

The provider of truckload, intermodal and logistics services has a storied history of helping transitioning veterans find meaningful employment and establish careers when their service time ends. Today, nearly 22% of the company’s associates have a military background, and for more than 80 years Schneider has made an effort to hire veterans because of their disciplined approach to getting the job done safely and strong work ethic.

We recently spoke with Mike Norder, director of marketing at Schneider, to learn more.

Q: What does Schneider do to reach potential employees, particularly those with a military background?

Schneider actively recruits associates with military experience by attending military-specific job fairs, posting job openings on military-specific job boards and employing recruiters who specialize in hiring current and former military personnel. While Schneider offers driving, office and mechanic positions, the skills and attributes acquired in the military are applied regularly as a professional truck driver, making a career at Schneider a natural fit for veterans, Reserve and Guard members. We’re proud of the fact that the company recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of our formalized military recruitment program.

Q: What makes Schneider a good fit for veterans?

In the military, servicemen and women are accustomed to making critical decisions in line with the core values of their branch. Schneider operates the same way, embodying its four core values – safety, integrity, respect and excellence – day in and day out.

Schneider empowers drivers with the same kind of liberties they received as a soldier. They are given a load assignment and are expected to get it from Point A to Point B safely and on time. Within their truck they have control over how they complete the job. We give them independence and respect them for the job they do.

Transportation, like the military, is fast-paced and dynamic. We find that the complex business challenges of a modern-day transportation operation like Schneider are exactly the kind of opportunities members of the military are looking for. No two days will ever be the same, which is what keeps driving fresh and exciting. Every day is a new opportunity to succeed.

Q: How does the experience of a veteran help during the hiring process?

Current military member and veteran applications are marked, and applicants are offered a military skills translation tool to identify job opportunities matching their military background, and Schneider honors military experience in lieu of technical certification in any field. Military experience is also converted at Schneider, meaning it counts toward experience pay and other benefits.

Q: What benefits are available to veterans?

Because of Schneider’s support, the Department of Veterans Affairs has accepted it into its exclusive 12-month apprenticeship program. During the first year working for Schneider, associates are eligible to earn a monthly educational benefit check from the VA in addition to their Schneider paycheck and other military program benefits– up to $1,266 each month – depending on years of service.

Additional benefits include extended benefits and pay if deployed for 18 months; a guaranteed job when associates return from a deployment; tuition reimbursement for eligible candidates to pay for truck driving school; mentoring, training and flexible schedules; purchasing power to help veterans become owner-operator business owners and more.

Q: In what other ways does Schneider support veterans?

Schneider has developed relationships with federal and local military and veteran organizations, including professional military associations, the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States, Hiring Our Heroes and others. Schneider has received 11 Ride of Pride trucks as part of a special fleet that serves as rolling tributes to military members past and present. Each Schneider driver who captains a Ride of Pride truck is a veteran, and the truck travels to special events throughout the country.

When veterans join Schneider, they are joining thousands of other service members who act as a community within the organization. And when veterans move to Wisconsin, they are coming to a state that makes every effort to welcome them and set them up to succeed.