Wausau Business Park

Located between Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis, Wausau is “the city of Wisconsin’s North” and serves as the transportation, economic and cultural hub of a growing consolidated metropolitan area with a population of over 308,000 people. As the city, Wausau is proud to be home to the largest hospital, largest performing arts center, and largest retail trade area in nearly 100 miles. Wausau is the safest metro area in the Midwest by FBI statistics, USA Today praised Wausau residents for the highest average credit score nationally, and Time magazine honored Wausau with the title of “middle-class paradise.” Wausau’s business success is rooted in diversity, with corporate leaders in the air handling, building materials, metal manufacturing, health care, information technology and insurance sectors. Wausau ranks No. 1 in Wisconsin and No. 3 nationally among smaller metro areas for business by Area Development, and a Top 10 “Best Bang for Buck” city by Forbes. All these superlatives underscore Wausau’s greatest asset—our outstanding and diverse workforce, which are your future employees. Wausau’s Business Campus is an integrated, full-service business park of over 1,000 acres, with two full interchanges, and home to over 5,000 employees. The city has over 200 acres of available, development-ready land and a long history of successful public-private partnerships for development.

Site Features & Contact

General surroundings fit for industrial activity

No significant topography issues

Roadway access

No utility easements that would prevent development

Rail access

41 contiguous acres not affected by wetlands

Commercial airport access

No known environmental impediments to immediate industrial development

Freight airport access

No known archaeological/historical impediments to immediate industrial development

41 contiguous developable acres

No known impediments to immediate development related to endangered species

American Land Trust Association (ALTA) survey

Fire insurance classification rating 2

Site not located on or adjacent to flood plain

Industrial zoning

Flight path certifications not proximate of any airport

Single owner with documented willingness to sell

Liz Brodek
Development Director, City of Wausau
407 Grant St.
Wausau, WI 54403