WEDC is a supporter of the Doyenne Group. Started by Heather Wentler and Amy Gannon, the group is dedicated to creating communities of women entrepreneurs and provides mentoring and networking opportunities in a fun, safe environment.

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The Doyenne Group’s mission is to support women as they:

  • Develop themselves as entrepreneurs
  • Found and build their ventures
  • Engage more fully in the broader entrepreneurial community

The group holds monthly meetings, learning groups, retreats, and other special events, and designs social spaces where women can talk with each other about their experiences. Women who participate get greater clarity on who they are and what they do as entrepreneurs, and push themselves outside of their comfort zone as they work to build impactful ventures.

The Doyenne Group will be holding a Doyenne Retreat during the weekend of February 7–9, 2014. The Retreat will bring ten women-led businesses together for a weekend of strategic planning. It’s an opportunity to escape the day-to-day routine and focus on developing strategic moves for your company, while getting valuable feedback and guidance from mentors and peers who are experiencing similar challenges.

Here are the details:

When: Friday, February 7 through Sunday, February 9

Where: HotelRed – 1501 Monroe Street, Madison, WI

Cost: $250 for up to 4 team members, $100 for each additional team member

Deadline to apply: Friday, January 17

This is a great opportunity to focus on your development and your future as an entrepreneur, and a fantastic way to build your network. To learn more and apply for the Doyenne Group Retreat, click here.