Milwaukee-based Victory Spark, a mentor-driven seed accelerator dedicated to helping active duty personnel and military veterans pursue their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, has selected 14 teams to participate in its summer 2014 class. The newest Victory Spark entrepreneurs includes: – Provides organizations everywhere with free websites that connect and help economic development stakeholders network around local business and quality of life projects

iemagine – Targets medical and nonprofit/government applications that require custom code, as well as new, innovative cloud services or medical applications utilizing mobile technology

Silly Monkey Animation Studios – Founders Tim Decker and Brian Mennenoh bring a record of award-winning animation to the Milwaukee area.

Tasty Bites – Hot Pocket alternative with local meats and cheeses

Savy’s Ideas, Inc. – Developing, testing and selling hardware market products

Beakon – A phone app that allows nightlife employees to purchase foot traffic into their shifts on nights that are considered slow (Mon.-Thurs.), thus generating sales for the establishment

Phi Food Systems – Designs and manufactures innovative hydroponic systems

deListening – Developing a platform that allows the music creator, artist or producer to track how his or her music is doing

Smallwaukee Solutions – Developing a product that will be an energy monitoring device coupled with a software user interface

Augment-H – Augment-H offers a product for clinicians working with patients who are experiencing lower back pain. The product aims to improve patient outcomes as well as objective data and compliance tracking for report writing

VetCrafters – Provides a marketplace for veteran artisans so they can offer their works to the world while creating rewarding jobs for themselves

Dead Foot Arms – Dead Food Arms provides a drop-in part for rifles and can be fired from the folded position. It is a more affordable solution for users who want or demand a smaller package

Grypshon – Developing and designing aerospace safety equipment for maintenance performed on military aircrafts

Digital Iris – Developing an innovative application that gathers information during joint rehabilitation


Backed by the Global Entrepreneurship Collective, Inc. (GEC) and the Vetransfer program, Victory Spark prepares veterans to start their own businesses. Unlike traditional business plan writing programs, Victory Spark focuses on evidence-based fact finding tactics to establish a viable business model. Veterans directly engage with customers to test the validity of their ideas, while interacting with mentors who support and advise them on their entrepreneurial goals.

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