Q: What is the Market Intelligence section of WEDC’s website?

market-intelligence-screenshot-jpg-267x300A: This section of the website provides information on export markets
around the world, specifically tailored to Wisconsin companies’ needs and interests. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) retains a network of authorized trade representatives covering a total of 79 countries around the world; these trade representatives act as eyes and ears on the ground for Wisconsin companies.

This new and improved section of the website offers a searchable database of monthly news updates written by these trade representatives, summarizing business trends and export opportunities from a Wisconsin perspective. The updates are searchable by country, by industry or by date, and the search engine also incorporates content from WEDC’s INterconnect newsletter such as in-country perspectives and Wisconsin companies’ exporting success stories.

Q: Who is this section of the website for?

A: The Market Intelligence section is intended for Wisconsin companies that desire to grow their export sales, whether those companies are new to exporting or already have exporting experience.

Q: What can be found there?

A: New, country-specific global market updates are published each month. Industries covered include agriculture/timber; aviation/aerospace; bioscience/medical devices; energy, power and control; food and beverage; manufacturing; and water/clean technology. Four years’ worth of archived updates can be sorted according to country, region, industry or date. (To receive monthly notifications when new market updates are published, subscribe to INterconnect newsletter.)

For countries that are among Wisconsin’s largest export markets, the website also contains a general overview of that country’s economy, written from a Wisconsin perspective to include the issues that are likely to matter to companies based here. On each page, contact information is readily available, so that companies can easily tap into the technical assistance and exporting advice available from WEDC staff and the network of trade representatives.

Q: What is the goal of this website section?

A: Business owners know that exporting can help them reach customers around the world with their products to achieve greater growth—but the diverse range of potential export markets, each with its own unique factors to consider, can be daunting, especially for companies that are new to exporting.

The Market Intelligence section aims to help Wisconsin companies narrow the list of export markets and decide which ones hold the greatest potential for their products, as well as helping them navigate cultural, regulatory and other concerns in foreign markets.