Global Entrepreneurship Collective (GEC), a Milwaukee-based nonprofit accelerator, is launching Ward 5 Code Camp, a program to teach high school students and adults how to write software code. The intensive 12-week programs will train participants in Ruby on Rails, an open-source Web programming language.


Ward 5 is designed to give students the equivalent training and experience of an entry-level Ruby developer. By offering the new courses, GEC aims to increase the technical and inventive capacity of Wisconsin, and build its future workforce.

The group intends to work closely with local employers to make sure its courses are teaching the skills companies seek in new employees. GEC officials also hope that the program will help address a gap in the technical abilities of early stage companies to build and deliver their products.

Ward 5 will begin holding classes in late January. It will consist of two 12-week programs: a $6,500 adult course held three days a week, and a $2,500 course held two nights a week for high school students.

If you are interested in enrolling, or would like more information about Ward 5, please contact: