Marquette University’s Humanoid Engineering & Intelligent Robotics (HEIR) Lab in Milwaukee is developing robot technology to combat childhood obesity and transform the lives of children. Under the direction of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Andrew B. Williams, Ph.D., a team of student engineers hopes to create an ethical and affordable humanoid robot that will be an accessible health coach for every household.

“Our vision in the HEIR Lab is to develop technology that will allow us to build low-cost humanoid robots that can assist children in everyday life tasks – whether that’s being healthier with their exercise and nutrition or learning how to read better,” Williams said.

The robot is designed to move like a personal trainer. It can teach proper exercises in order to fight childhood obesity and inspire kids from all backgrounds. The prototype helps children with daily activities, healthy living, and learning in a social and intelligent manner.


After reaching their crowdfunding goal of $5,000 through Indiegogo, Marquette’s HEIR Lab team will go to the Robocup tournament in Brazil this July. Honored to be selected as the only team from the U.S., the students now have the funds and technology to participate in this robot competition and introduce their health coach to the world.

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