The Water Council, based in Milwaukee, continues to gain national attention for its innovative water research. Recently, CNN interviewed Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council, for the article, “Drought-Ravaged California Turns to Tech for Help.” Amhaus shares how the research taking place at The Water Council can assist locations, such as California, which are experiencing a dire need for water to sustain its agricultural industry.


The CNN article highlights how Wisconsin is quickly becoming a worldwide hub in water research and education to benefit farmers and consumers globally.

“Everybody for the most part has been tuned out on water (shortages) because within the U.S. it’s not really been a big issue,” Amhaus said. “The situation in California has raised huge attention to the fact that we actually do have a problem.”

Since water is such a valuable resource, its scarcity has forced water research hubs to create new solutions for preservation, waste-water treatment and farming. One solution is the The Water Council’s Global Water Center, a complex with almost 100,000 square feet of research space, labs, offices and conference rooms. At the Global Water Center, researchers and entrepreneurs come together to collaborate on water technology issues. It also houses startups such as Hanging Gardens, which builds roofs that help collect rain water.

The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States, was created by leaders in both business and education to convene the region’s existing water companies and research clusters, develop water education programs and build partnerships across all sectors or country borders. With its state-of-the-art center Global Water Center, The Water Council can continue to develop ideas and solutions to preserve water as a natural resource and attract attention for its innovations.

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